Die Dänische Riviera

Knud Rasmussens Haus eröffnet die Saison

In between expeditions Knud Rasmussen was an industrious writer. His works include scientific writings, travelogues, and translations of Inuit folklore and songs.

The house in the hilly terrain below The Spodsbjerg Lighthouse was built in 1917 on his own initiative. It was to be primarily a place for Knud to plan his expeditions and work on his manuscripts, but he also frequently entertained friends, colleagues, and authors here.

The Polar researchers intimate "working cave" with fireplace and warm colors openes for the first time to the public. In other words there are a good reason to take a walk in the magnificent landscape and visit the polar researcher's work house.The House of the polar explorer Knud Ramussen will open from Easter to and inkluding the Autum Vacation (Always 42th Week)

Opening Hours: Daily from 11am-4pm- except Monday and wednesday open untill 8pm.